»Never judge a man until you've walked two moons in his shoes.« (Indian saying)

In »Ella«, the dancer asks the audience to take off their shoes and to bring them to the stage. In the course of the performance, she slips into the various pairs, thereby assuming the personality of it's owner, and dancing the story that these shoes tell. On occasions, contact to the owner becomes unavoidable - at times the shoes remain silent. Sometimes they rebell, other times, they succumb to their fate. The stranger's shoes permit the dancer to feel a story, which she never lived. They become the protagonists of an evening, and, in the end, the spectator leaves, seeing the every day object shoe in a different light.

The spontaneous use of situations resulting from the interaction with and incorporation of the audience during a performance have always been important elements of Maura Morales' work, which she puts to use in her new oevre »Ella«. There are no life savers, no safety nets. The unique, magical moment shapes each performance anew, as the basic dynamics change fundamentally from performance to performance and are therefore neither calculable nor repeatable. These constantly changing parameters present a tremendous challenge for the dancer/actor and the live musician, demanding inspiration, and a maximum ability to react. Maura Morales unites all these qualities in one person. With »Ella« she presents an intense stage experience charged with her unmistakeable vocabulary of movements and disarming personality, which, quite literally, will »knock your socks off«.

Duration: 50 min.

For her choreography »Ella« Maura Morales received the Audience Award 2011 at the Festival 638 Kilo Tanz.