Press comments

»Ella« is full of poetic and suggestive metaphors, the space is constructed as the show progresses. One is reminded of fairy tales ranging from »Sleeping Beauty« to »The Red Shoes« and it leaves us, after the withdrawal of sea, as in the poem of Valente, the remains of other lives.
Diario de Cádiz, April 21, 2010

Beyond borders in a revolutionary continuation of the spirit of Bausch, namely to cross the set borders of the dance world, but it is in this evening only Maura Morales. In her first performance of »Ella« she has the courage to provoke the audience, to pull it (the audience) into her personal debate with the state of exile. As the only, Morales succeeds to arouse emotions. [...] In the dance the unfamiliar shoes forces movements on her that does not belong to her body, grotesque. She becomes the marionette with her strings entangled. Prone on a big pile of red shoes her naked feet become two independent beings in the air – two birds that search for their freedom.
Schwäbisches Tagblatt, October 13, 2009