Maura Morales (idea, choreography, dance)
Michio (composition, live music)

Maura Morales received an education in classical ballet, modern dance, choreography and acting at the National Art Academy, Camagüey/Cuba. Since then she worked for the national theatres of Ballet National de Havana and Ballet de Santiago de Cuba, at the Ballet el Sodre in Montevideo, El Teatro de la Danza de Cuba, the Odeon-Theater in Vienna, the Theater Basel and at the national theatres of Darmstadt and Oldenburg. She won the second prize for choreography at the 11th international Solo Dance Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, the Audience Award for the Best Solo Dance Performance at the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands and the 1st prize of the International Competition of Hannover together with Felix Landerer with the duo »Suits«. Maura Morales was invited to present her solo pieces at renowned dance festivals such as the Intenational Dance Festival »bc-stx'09« Tantarantana / Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, at the »Festival internacional de teatro y artes escénicas de Sevilla, feSt«, »Dies de Dansa« in Barcelona, »Memory Wax City Hoppers/Malmö«, the »Festival de Artes Escenicas Nocte Graus«, the international »Festival of Cadiz en Danza«, »Fenice- Festival NineArts/Siena 2010«, »Festival Empape/A Coruña« as well as at the Museum Guggenheim in Bilbao for the jubilee of the city of Bilbao. Lately she was invited as a Choreographer and performer for the modern theatre piece »Sleeping Beauty«, a co-production with Project Galilé and Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. At the moment Maura Morales is working freelance as a dancer, choreographer, actress and guest trainer for contemporary dance.

Guitarist and composer Michio can be seen touring Europe and Japan on a regular basis and in varying formations. He has been invited to various prestigious national as well as international flamenco festivals, for example the Spanish »Festival de Jerez«: he was the first foreigner to be invited there to present his own programme. From time to time, however, Michio feels he has to go back to his classical roots (he holds a concert diploma from the Conservatory in Vienna). In 2007, for instance, he staged Joaquín Rodrigo's »Concierto de Aranjuez« as a soloist together with the Loh Orchestra Sondershausen. Michio has won numerous prizes in international competitions such as »Open Strings 1998«, the first international guitar competition in Osnabrück. He also was awarded the second prize at the fourth international competition »Voice & Guitar« in Völklingen in 2010. Under the label »Alameda Production« and distributed by »Galileo MC«, he has already recorded three solo CDs, which made it to the top 10 of the American »Global Rhythm« charts. Apart from his prolific activites as a guitarist, he also works as a composer and stage musician in the contemporary dance theatre and ballet scene. Michio's artistic work includes commissioned pieces for both the film industry and for different classical ensembles.